Send us your ideas/guesses.
The answer is gonna be posted on Sunday… 
…. maybe later…?

  1. wolfsoldier666 answered: j is going to shoot your computer with a rocket launcher.
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    Omg what !
  3. armus-ooze answered: He’s learning how to dance
  4. sketchy-mane answered: J is doing unspeakable things for his fan girls
  5. dragonnikolas answered: Eating Pickles.
  6. ask8bitstickman answered: He’s playing Dead Or Alive: Beach Volleyball
  7. flamegauge answered: i know alot of people said this but im gonna say dressed in drag. maby has a dildo he’s playing with :3
  8. askbright-eyes answered: Jay’s taking dancing lessons
  9. askcliffdancer said: Spider Jay, spider Jay, does whatever a spider jay does.
  10. asksketches answered: Playing another new game?
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    Doin’ Chrysie’s better younger sister.
  12. dapwnietecheno answered: This is a terrible idea, but how about autofallatio?
  13. blackout-raider answered: He’s having tea dressing like a girl with Corel-Lee, maybe he’s doing it wearing make up.
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  15. phylum--chordata answered: Dressing like a mare! to be exact already dressed and nearly done with makeup and applying lipstick
  16. pony-questioner answered: SUDDENLY BLOW-UP SEX DOLLS EVERYWHERE
  17. gaming12345x8 said: Making out with Helga.
  18. 5kindsofmagic answered: Dance baby dance like the world is ending
  19. plasmamod answered: He’s playing Deadpool on the PC
  20. looksomeonefinally answered: walking on the walls
  21. the-unoriginals-of-unoriginal answered: jay is doing the chicken dance
  22. groovy-midnight answered: HE’S DRESSING UP IN A MAID OUTFIT!
  23. ask-northface answered: He turn in human …
  24. cherrybombpony answered: He’s playing Chulip!
  25. silverdustmodblog answered: Dancing akwardly! owo
  26. asksexyflipy answered: getting pulled into the matrix