You’ve been McRolled! 
How do you feel?

You’ve been McRolled! 

How do you feel?

  1. bashandchunkyask answered: B: not so bad, I like this song
  2. perryfan1998 answered: Disturbed… -Dragon
  3. pani-cake answered: I.. feel.. oozy..
  4. askshadowwolfieandreaper answered: Like I want to eat you alive…
  5. tanglef23 answered: Well, it’s different. That’s all that matters…
  6. ask-pegasus-lola answered: ((Never gonna give you up~))
  7. sneakymedusaandblair answered: So you will never give up on your fans?
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  9. mirapup answered: Have I told you lately that I love you?
  10. ask-a-whiteshark answered: not again .
  11. druds answered: not rickrolling till there is music
  12. ask-zipbang-and-boom answered: A strange mixture of sadness, and…no wait, that’s just sadness.
  13. reignbowbridge answered: Dont Know what your doing but I feel I need to get my dance on.
  14. askdmmare answered: Scared…..
  15. rei-ii-ayanami answered: Tired
  16. lyonhashaxs answered: My jimmies has been rustled for the LAST. TIME! D:< !!
  17. keirostarr answered: what, no music?
  18. ten-gamma-alpha answered: Oh you’re in for it now, friend.
  19. charelstonsax answered: I FEEL GREAT
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  21. atomickitten10 answered: I’m feelin’ randy baby, yeah~
  22. soarin-responde said: i feel scared and good for some reason :V
  23. joehoofer answered: Empty.
  24. ask-backy answered: You know that microphone suggest you opening your mouth and singing :D
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  26. cptairc answered: fucking bored and annoyed that you would actually bring up that old ass internet meme