Mister Poffets: mew mew mew, mew mew mew, mew mew:

mew ;
mew mew ;

Mod McFael: I guess… he challenged… Garfield, Chi and Thomas O’malley.
Also I’m still waiting Mister Freeze and Mister Bucket reply.

More information about the Ice Bucket Challenge here and here.

And wow… is that the next level of the IBC?

McLovin: next time I should use a bucket with ice cubes instead of an ice bucket…. anyway I challenge:

- Mister Freeze;
- Mister Bucket;
- Mister Puffets.

More information about the Ice Bucket Challenge here and here.

(PS: mod McFael sin’t feeling so well so the quality of the posts may be even worse than usual. Is it ok?)

Tomorrow ice bucket! 
Anyway, how can you feel bored if your job is so awesome, McLovin?

Raining gif again? Really?

Raining gif again? Really?

In doubt, blame McLovin.
Anyway, it’s ok if sometimes we split the replies in 2 parts like this, Saturday and Sunday?

I’m falling asleep… must post more tomorrow… ok…?

wow why so…. colorful?

wow why so…. colorful?

Wow is Helga’s hometown that far away…?

Helga smash…?

Looks like Mclovin is going to clean up the whole thing. Also he can’t go because of his work. So, who else should go with Corel, Helga and Ross?

gah don’t you hate when that happens…?

gah don’t you hate when that happens…?

Maybe Anonlestia?

Maybe Anonlestia?

So today we posted 8 replies because we posted only 5 last Saturday. But the plan is post only 7.
Anyway do you like our little telepresence robot?

Featuring Jackie!Anyway… it’s just me or Mr Poffets head is a bit too big…?

Featuring Jackie!
Anyway… it’s just me or Mr Poffets head is a bit too big…?

What? Shower time and it’s not Saturday?